for Your Child

Help your child to avoid risky behavior and substance misuse in later life with a program that promotes mental wellness and introduces coping skills based on personality risk factors.

Today’s Youth Need You



U.S. adolescents suffer from a substance / alcohol use disorder



of addictions have been proven to originate in the teenage years



U.S. adolescents ages 12–17 had at least one major depressive episode in 2017


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is the median age of onset for illicit drug use and alcohol abuse

How PreVenture can

Help Your Child

It Provides Insight

Your child will gain insight into their actions and the motivations behind them, and feel as though they have more control over their decisions.

It Offers Coping Strategies

By providing ways to cope with difficult situations, it offers your child methods and techniques to avoid risky behavior.

It Promotes Mental Wellness

PreVenture is about more than the decisions your child makes. It’s about fostering mental wellness in young people.

A Program that Does More to Help At-Risk Youth

PreVenture was originally developed and tested by Dr. Patricia Conrod, a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Montreal, as a program for helping at-risk youths.

Tested around the world, PreVenture has shown significant results with regards to reducing risky behavior and helping young people to make better short- and long-term decisions. PreVenture provides your child with motivational pathways and techniques that not only help them to understand their choices but that also promote their mental wellbeing and health.

Challenging Impulses to Achieve Goals

The PreVenture program starts out with the facilitator inquiring from youth about their long-term goals. Throughout the workshop, the youth are repeatedly asked to assess how their decisions and behaviors affect (or might affect) those stated goals and how they might want to adjust their ways of coping.

Unexpected Benefits

Part of the success of this program is that it doesn’t just address drug and alcohol use, but instead seeks insights into both the personal and social life of youth. PreVenture has the potential to generate insights that the youths themselves wouldn’t have otherwise become aware of, which can lead to them better understanding their own actions, thoughts, and behaviors.

I have learned that I don’t have to go with whatever I first think of and that I should try to do more stuff to help me with what I want to do when I am older.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my consent required for my kid to participate in PreVenture?

Many schools or organizations may explicity ask for parent consent before implementing PreVenture, but not all given the minimal risk of the program. Check with your school or the facilitating organization to determine consent policies.

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What protections exist to prevent the labeling of students eligible to participate in the program?

The screening process does involve specifically identifying students best served by the program through personality assignment. However, assignment is not revealed or discussed with anyone outside of program facilitators. Students also establish and agree to a confidentiality agreement with one another at the start of the first workshop, establishing ground rules and building trust with one another.

Can I opt my child into the program?

PreVenture is completely voluntary and a student is not required to participate if they do not wish. It is essential to the program that youth participation is voluntary as the workshops are designed to be facilitator mediated peer-to-peer skill building.

Can PreVenture be implemented with elementary age students?

PreVenture is designed for adolescents ages 12-17, and so is suited for middle-school to high-school aged students only.

How much do I have to pay?

There is no cost to the participants as this program should be provided to the community through a funded organization, program or school.

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