What’s Unique

About You?

Many youth programs treat everyone the same, but we know this isn’t true. PreVenture takes a more personal approach and recognizes that what might be helpful for others, might not be helpful for all. 

The PreVenture Process


The first step is to participate in a short personality questionnaire. This will identify if PreVenture is the right program for you.


If selected, you’ll be notified in person by either a program facilitator or a staff member at school.

Take Part

2-4 personality-specific workshops will take place at least one week apart. You'll receive a workbook to guide you through them.

About the Personality Survey

Before taking part in the workshops, you’ll complete a survey to help you better understand your own personality. All of the questions are answered on a scale of 1-4, showing whether you agree or disagree.

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Question #11
I usually act without stopping to think.
Question #23
I am very enthusiastic about my future.

The Personality Profiles

Based on your survey results, you’ll be put into one of four personality groups.


An impulsive person acts on the spur of the moment without thinking much about the consequences of their actions. When you feel as if you are being treated unfairly, are frustrated or angry, you might experience a lack of control and may say or do something that you later regret.

Negative Thinking

Some people experience negative thoughts more than others. They might feel worthless and believe that they can never measure up to their friends’ expectations, even though no one has ever said they come up short. They tend to experience ongoing despair and feel as though they will never accomplish anything. A person who often feels sad, worthless, guilty, and irritable and finds themselves looking at the world in a negative, hopeless way is said to be susceptible to negative thinking.

Anxiety Sensitivity

Some people get more nervous than others. For them, feeling nervous is a particularly uncomfortable experience and makes them even more anxious. A person who has stressful physical sensations and worries about anxious feelings is said to be anxiety sensitive.

Sensation Seeking

A sensation seeker craves excitement and often acts without thinking clearly about the consequences. Sometimes boredom will cause you to seek excitement, and at other times, when you are feeling high energy, you might find yourself craving even more excitement. People who are high in sensation seeking sometimes have a strong need to be with others and be social.
For more information on the personality types, please visit the Program page.
Decision Box

About the Workshops

PreVenture takes place across 2-4 workshops, which are entirely voluntary and confidential. You’ll talk about your long-term goals and see if your everyday actions and decisions will help you achieve them. The workshops will come with a workbook to help you take away what you learned during the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will my friends know?

No other students, except those in your workgroup, will know about your participation. During the workshops, everyone will be expected to agree to a confidentiality agreement to ensure everything said in the workshops stays there.

Do I have to take part in school?

PreVenture may be provided outside the school setting. This is dependent on the availability of the program within your community.

Do my parents have to know?

Some schools and organizations will ask parents/guardians for consent if you are under 18, but not always. Check with your school or organization to find out their policy on consent.

How long is the PreVenture program?

The program consists of 2-4 different workshops, depending on your group’s time availability. Your facilitator will decide how far apart they are spaced, but there will be at least one week in between.

Interested in Taking Part?